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Bar & Cocktail training with a difference.

Our “Work Ready” classes were created by 3 of Auckland’s Bartending Legends to help future bartenders get the skills bar owners are looking for. They will teach you the latest industry level skills, recipes and tips, making you knowledgeable, confident and highly employable.

The right mix of training

The course is practical, fun and taught with passion by 3 of Auckland’s leading bartenders
( They are always on the look-out for new team members and event staff!!)
Unlike other Educational courses on the market, our course its built on real world activities and hands on testing and tasting, we feel this is paramount with the “practical nature” of the hospitality profession.

Course Objectives

  • Prepare trainee bar staff with hands on experience, great product knowledge and employable skills
  • Train to a high level in the shortest period of time possible so trainees can get a job fast
  • Provide trainee bar staff with industry  aligned and  international accreditation
  • Send trainee bar staff away confident, equipped and employable


Take your pick of the best jobs

The Barista Academy has a reputation as “the only place to train if your serious about getting a job”  the graduates are always in high demand, often securing work before they even finish their training.

Our Industry Level Bartender training has been created with the exact same ethos…  high quality hands-on industry level training so work will fall in your lap.

We want you want to be turning down jobs not begging bar owners to employ you.


21-25 January 2019

**Receive $100 discount on January Class (one time only discount to celebrate the first course in 2019)

21-25 January Bar & Cocktail

LCQ (date to be confirmed)

WSET (date to be confirmed)


Compulsory – Module 1

5 Day Bar & Cocktail Essentials $975

Module 2 – for those looking to go overseas

WSET International Accreditation Level 1 extra Day +$290

Module 3 – for those wanting to work in NZ

NZ LCQ Module extra Day +$257

Bundle Offer for all 3 courses – $1445


Course Content:
Fermentation & Distillation – Covering spirits, wines and beer processing, discover the impact on taste, colour and functionality in the bar.
Spirits 101 – varieties, culture, process
Mixed Drinks – History and Core Formulas for the 6 pillars of mixed drinks:
  1. Sour
  2. Daisy
  3. Collins
  4. The 75
  5. Old Fashioned
  6. Step Ladder
Then step up and make your own Rifts ( twists)
Bar Preparation & Setup – par levels, techniques, organisation, Mis En Place
Employability – Service tips and hacks, how to become an indispensable bartender,  how to secure great roles
Practical Behind The Bar Examination
Includes all drinks for cocktail making & tasting, student workbooks, take home copy of course handbook “Spirits Distilled”, online access to “Jerry” – Global Beverage Learning Centre

WSET level 1 in Wine  $290

International Accreditation and Exam, essential for securing work in most bars in the UK and across Europe.

Programme Outline

WSET Level1 in Wine is provided by the New Zealand Academy of Wine and Spirits

For individuals new to wine study, this qualification provides a hands-on introduction to the world of wine. You’ll explore the main types and styles of wine through sight, smell, and taste, while also gaining the basic skills to describe wines accurately, and make food and wine pairings.

The main types and styles of wine
Common wine grapes and their characteristics
How to store and serve wine
The principles of food and wine pairing
Learn how to taste describe flavours and attributes of wine using the WSET Approach to Tasting Wine®

Includes all wine for tasting, and your own set of tasting glasses to take home.

Successful students will receive a WSET certificate and lapel pin

Useful to those taking a Gap Year and wanting to work overseas

License Controller Qualification $257

LCQ encompasses 2 NZQA Unit Standards  covering NZ Law on  Host Responsibilities, Employee Obligations and Implications, as well as a general understanding of the Sale and Supply of Alcohol Act of 2012.

In addition to boosting your employability and understanding of NZ Liquor Laws it is the necessary qualification required to demonstrate that those applying for their Manager’s Certificate have received “Recent and Relevant Training” as set out in the Sale and Supply of Alcohol Act of 2012.

Useful to those wanting to work in New Zealand

We can also help you apply for your General Managers Certificate and process you application through council for you. ( please ask about this in the notes when booking)
We can also book you on Level 2 WSET Wine and Spirits if you wish to study to a more in-depth level

Bar & Cocktail Essentials


Hands-on Bartender Training that prepares you for securing bar work locally or globally.

Industry Level Training and gain The Bartender Academy Certificate.



International WSET Accreditation
This is essential if you plan to work in bars and hotels overseas

License Controller Qualification


Learn the legalities of Sale and Supply of Liquor in NZ.
This course forms part of your application for a General Managers Certificate

The Bartender Academy team

Mikey Ball Ballin' Drinks

Mikey Ball

Ballin’ Drinks and Creative

Jeremy Nivern

Jeremy Nivern

GM @ Mea Culpa Ponsonby

Adam Mather

Adam Mather

GM @ Franc’s Takapuna




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