Become a Master Barista

The top Skills and the top Roles

Barista training with a difference. In our “Work Ready” classes you get to work on a variety of coffee machines, that means you’ll be able to produce cup after cup of amazing coffee on any machine, with any bean, in any environment.

The right mix of training

With the right balance of hands-on coffee training, applied theory and customer service training, the intensive 90 minute sessions are kept short to maximise your learning. You’ll also be one of only six people in class and you each have your own machine to use  so you won’t have to share the steam wand and waste time standing around. The specialist workshops, seminars and industry events will round out your training. Use the online calendar to book a course that suit your training requirements and schedule.

Take your pick of the best jobs

Our graduates are in high demand. Training with The Barista Academy gives you access to our members-only job board, career advice, training videos and key introductions. You’ll also graduate with The Barista Academy  work-readiness certification.

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Which Course is right for me?

We offer 2 training options, short Express Classes and longer Pro “Work Ready” Classes. FYI, We cover the same course content on both kinds of course (so don’t worry you won’t miss anything) the difference is the amount of practice time you get to perfect and refine your skills.

Employers pay good money for skilled confident barista’s so the best course for you will depend on your schedule and availability, how fast you want to get hired and how much you want to earn.

** NOTE: We do not offer extra free practice lessons as we train you properly as part of your course fees. We want you earning money as soon as you graduate, hence our students never do free work experience as they always get hired and paid for their industry level skills and expertise.

Pro & Work Ready Courses

5 Day Barista Intensive  & School Holiday Course

Students graduate with the skills of a Barista with 1 years experience

Class duration: 2h per day, Monday – Friday


2 Weeks “Work Ready” Barista Course

Students graduate with the skills of a Barista with 2+ years experience

Class duration: 2h per day, Monday – Friday


Express Classes

Barista Essentials

Students graduate with the skills of a Barista with 2-3 weeks experience

**A good idea to combine this class with Latte Art Essentials Express Class

Class duration: 3h on one day


Latte Art Essentials

Students refine their pouring techniques and graduate with the skills of a Barista with 3-6 months weeks experience

Class duration: 2h on one day


2 Day Barista Bootcamp

Students graduate with the skills of a Barista with 3-6 months experience

Class duration: 3h per day on two consecutive days


COMING SOON: SCA Barista Courses

Barista Level 1 & 2

Become a certified barista, more information coming soon.

Barista Essentials


Learn all the essentials
to making great coffee.

This workshop is perfect for high school students, backpackers and those short on time.

Latte Art Express


Perfect your Velvet Milk and learn the essential Latte Art shapes all other designs are built from: Heart, Tulip, Rosetta and Swan.

2 Day Pro
Barista Bootcamp


This 2-day workshop is perfect for home enthusiasts, students wanting to find barista work or cafe entrepreneurs looking to buy a cafe.

5 Day Intensive Pro Course


Kick start your career with 5 days of intensive Barista training.

Get up to speed on the fundamentals of espresso and gain The Barista Academy Introductory Certificate.

School Holiday Barista


Our School Holiday programme is a 5 day Pro course designed to get you “WORK READY” and confident enough to score a great job. (Bring a friend and pay only $550ea)

2 Weeks
“Work Ready”


Join our 2 week program and fast track yourself into work.

Get the skills of a Barista with 2 years experience in just 2 weeks and gain The Barista Academy Certificate, job introductions and Internships.


What makes The Barista Academy curriculum work?

At The Barista Academy all our training is hands-on and designed to give you the skills to be a professional a “Working Barista”. ( whether it’s full time work, holiday work or gap year work)

We have a unique training system that combines brain science and sports science to give you the physical skills & knowledge to become an “expert” in an extremely short timeframe.

Classes are kept small for maximum learning – 6 students per class and your own machine to use for the entire course.

Every coffee training session is hands-on and designed to help you absorb as much information as you can handle. You create new muscle memory patterns through practice and repetition, so your brain and body sync when you make coffee.

You move through the stages of Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced, gaining certification as you pass through each stage of mastery.

You also get to take great specialist classes which give you the deeper layers of knowledge you need to know to become an Expert Barista. These classes include, taking a grinder apart, machine maintenance, milk science and coffee appreciation.

What is the difference between Express and Pro Courses?

We are not just Experts in Coffee we are also Experts in Education.

Our PRO COURSES are run in a Brain Optimised Format, this unique training system was developed by us in order to give our clients around the globe the results they paid for!

Pro courses run as short sessions over several days because you really only learn new information in the first 90 minutes. After that your brain and body will need time to assimilate and sync the new muscle memory patterns.

As experts in skills based education our training system is designed to support your optimum learning and assimilation time. Short classes repeated at regular intervals definitely produce  better results than a 1 day crash course.

Like sports training or joining a gym for the best results we recommend 5 classes per week with 2 rest days. Your brain is like a muscle, 1 days weight training doesn’t make you a pro body builder, just like reading a book on flying a plane doesn’t make you a skilled employable pilot. Our system of short classes and rest days provides the most effective shortcut to becoming a pro barista – that’s why all the coffee companies recommend us.

EXPRESS COURSES –  We know some people don’t have the luxury of time so we created a new kind of short course not used anywhere else in the world, The Power Learning Practical Class

Our Express Courses have been broken into 2 parts, a Power Learning Practical Class
which is 100% hands on with your own machine for duration of class.
And we pair the practical class with a copy of The Barista Academy Virtual Tutor, our Online Training Program which covers all the theory and to support your Power Learning Practical Class.
The Virtual Tutor consists of short videos, annotated  diagrams, theory worksheets and quick quizzes to make sure you have access to learning support before and after your practical class.

Do I really get my own coffee machine to practice on?


We take your training seriously!! You don’t get good at something by standing around waiting for a turn, or listen to a teacher drone on about the theory.

Learning is a messy inelegant process. You get proficient by getting on the machine and getting stuck in – by making mistakes, getting super frustrated, figuring out the tiny adjustments by yourself and whooping for joy when you nail it ( that’s the picture you put on instagram)

Each trainee has there own machine for the duration of the course, we have 4 different machines so you swap around and get comfortable on a variety of machines. You may not know but each machine manufacturer does things slightly differently from automatic to volumetric extractions, variations in the steam tips which will affect your milk texturing and design differences that affect how you use the machine.

Perfect practice make perfect each student racks up a lot of practice!

A Weekend Course student will…

  • Steam 400 Jugs of milk
  • Extract 80 shots of coffee
  • Pour 560 beverages

A 5 Day Intensive Course student will…

  • Steam 500 Jugs of milk
  • Extract 100 shots of coffee
  • Pour 700 beverages

A 2 Week Pro Course student will…

  • Steam 2000 Jugs of milk
  • Extract 400 shots of coffee
  • Pour 2400 beverages

Why sign up for a 2 week course when I can do a shorter course?

We know the short course is cheaper…. and that you think it looks easy and will only take a few days to learn….. Sorry guys, the fact is it takes time and practice to get great at anything in life and making coffee is no different!

If you just want to learn the basics then do the 5 day Intensive or weekend course. If you want to be able to walk straight into well paid top Barista Work – the 2 week pro course is the one for you!

Almost everyone who does the Intensive  wishes they had done the 2 week course…

We have a unique training system that combines brain science and sports science to give you the physical skills & knowledge to become an “expert” in an extremely short timeframe.

We keep classes small for maximum learning – 6 students per class and your own machine to use for the entire course.

We promise, we will push you hard and teach you all the tricks so a cafe owner will think you have 2 years experience. But, we can only do that when you show up and give it 100%.

At The Barista Academy all our training is hands-on and designed to give you the skills to be a professional “Working Barista”. ( whether it’s for full time work, holiday work or gap year work)

Because when you become an expert work finds you!

I can’t see a course time that fits my schedule

We want to make it easy for you to get to trained so we offer a variety of class options including mornings, afternoons, evenings and weekends on a rotating schedule.

If you can’t find the class you need, get in touch and let us know what you need.

Can I put my course on hold, take days off or transfer/sell it to someone else?

To give you the results you want we use a strict training system but sometimes life gets in the way and we are pretty understanding!

Get in touch asap if you need to move your start date, or once you start you are sick or have a family emergency – we can sort out some extra days training to be added to your course to cover your emergency days.

BUT….If you don’t feel like coming today that’s your choice to lose a days training, to get results you need to be committed. Training day’s are not carried forward if you just feel like a day off.

Sorry, no Transfers or Reselling of our courses.

I’ve done a barista course elsewhere but no-one is hiring me - can you help?

We re-train and up-skill lots of students who have completed other barista courses.

Many still can’t secure work as their practical skills are not at a high enough standard. The Barista Academy takes you to the next level.  You’ll build on what you know and refine the skills and techniques you need to stand out in the competitive world of coffee.

You may only need a few extra sessions – Pop in and make us a few coffee’s once we have assesses your existing skill set and we will suggest the best training option for you.

LAYBUY lets you do your training now and spread the total cost over 6 weekly automatic payments. Interest free.

We love it because it means you can get trained and find a job before you need to pay off all your course fees.

How it Works

  1. Sign up for your course and put “pay by LAYBUY” in the notes
  2. Create an account with LAYBUY
  3. We will send a confirmation text and prompt to your mobile phone asking you to complete the purchase

For more information about LAYBUY head to their website or FAQ page

FYI – You can make your first Laybuy purchase as soon as you complete registration and you have been accepted as a user of our service.

Create your Laybuy account here .

You are now able to complete purchases using Laybuy at any of our approved Merchants.

Laybuy performs a credit check on all new users upon registration. Once your credit score has been confirmed and your account has been verified, Laybuy assigns your Laybuy limit (see How is my Laybuy limit approved?) and you can begin shopping immediately.