Course Content

Master Your Machinery

We don’t create Baristas who are “One Trick Ponies”!

You will learn how to make coffee on 4 different types of machines and grinders, so you can walk into any cafe and feel confident handling different machinery.

Coffee Beans &
Roast Profiles

Learn how and why coffee bean varieties, blends and roast profiles will affect your beverages.

We teach you how to work with different roasts and blends so you can adapt easily if you switch cafes and so you know what to adjust when it seems like it’s all going wrong.

Perfecting Your Extractions

Reading the blend, dialing in grinders, calculating extraction times and adjusting volumetrics to produce the desired yields…

You will learn how to create the perfect extraction, time and time again.

Making Velvet Milk

….and a little more practice!

We drill you till you can make amazing, velvety, beautiful milk and basic Latte Art shapes that will make cafe owners sit up and take notice and hire you on the spot!

* 3 Weeks “Work Ready” course includes learning intermediate level Latte Art shapes

Recipes & Advanced Pouring

Learn how to build beverages, what ratios are trending right now in the coffee scene so you can confidently construct Latte, Cappuccino, Flat White, Long Black, Chocolatey delights, and be able to make all the other “custom creations” people with throw at you.

Maintenance & Troubleshooting

A craftsman is only as good as his tools!

Your coffee will always taste clean and not tainted if you learn how to maintain all your machinery and keep it clean throughout the day. We also teach you what to check if your machine or grinder “dies” when you have a line of people out the door.