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The Business of Coffee – Cafe Consulting

Helping you create a profitable successful coffee business.


Whether you want to create a show-stopping designer cafe, set up a sleek espresso bar, invest in a coffee truck or just want to earn some extra money by putting a coffee stand into your existing business – Don’t be stranger, we’re here to help you build a profitable coffee business.

There are so many decisions to be made. It’s often hard to know who you can trust and who’s getting a substantial commission for steering you towards certain products.

These decisions are really important. Sadly, 70% of the new cafes will end up on the scrapheap after a year. We know that wouldn’t be the case if they had access to the industry secrets before putting their life savings on the line.

With over 20 years experience running cafes, educating and providing recruitment services for the hospitality sector, we started our cafe consulting practice “The Business of Coffee” to support people  during their journey to ownership. We provide an educational hub for you to learn, perfect, dream and create.

Our mission is to help you avoid the cafe scrapheap and thrive in our vibrant, fun industry. We promise to be there for you through this exciting and equally daunting time, giving honest  impartial advice and talking through the pros and cons of your many decisions with you.

We run comprehensive training and mentoring for all stages of cafe ownership.

Get some help from an Industry Expert and fast forward your business to OVERNIGHT SUCCESS.

Honest impartial advice and education to help you build your dream business, resolve a problem, brainstorm new ideas or get a fresh perspective.

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Ethical Café and Coffee Cart Bean Supply

Coffee that tastes amazing and makes the world a better place.

generosity coffee bean supplyIn 2018 it was finally time to set up our own coffee roastery, but we wanted to be more than just another coffee company.

We’ve always helped people get trained and get hired but this time we wanted to expand our horizons and play a bigger part in changing the world in a positive way. we decided to create a conscious & responsible coffee business that could allow us to give back in a really substantial way, not just a token gesture.

To stay competitive in business and change the world is no mean feat. We wanted the coffee to be the best coffee you’ve ever tasted, and the price stay the same to the customer, so to “change the world” we decided we would donate a significant portion of our company profits to support our communities, the environment and the amazing animals we share our planet with.We roast ethically sourced specialty coffee and help make cool things happen with a part of the profit.

As a socially responsible company we love seeing small businesses start up and are always excited to be part of the journey and help you with machinery and equipment as well as supply our coffee.

More information about Coffee Supply and Machinery Packages contact Rachel at or visit our website



What Past Students are Saying…

  • Cafe Start-Up School

  • $595.
  • Get The Right Advice Before You Dive-In!


    • The 12 Module ecourse has Video tutorial’s to accompany each module
    • Plus 46 comprehensive worksheets, checklists, how-to guides and excel calculation templates to use as you move step by step through your start-up, launch and management phases.


    This course is a roadmap for your first 2 years in business, teaching you how to create a profitable, successful coffee business from the start.

  • New Owner Lite Package

  • $950.

    Cafe Start-Up School + Barista Training


    • Cafe Start-Up School 12 Module e-course – Get the entire Blueprint to starting and running your very own Cafe or Coffee Shop.
    • Pro Barista Training Course – choose 5 day or 2 day barista course


    Become an overnight success, learn the essentials and nail your first 2 years in business.

  • New Owner Ultimate Package

  • $1475.


    • Cafe Start-Up School 12 Module e-course
    • Pro Barista Training – 5 day or 2 day barista training
    • Instore New Owner Training – half day instore systems training & coffee tasting workshop
    • VIP Mentoring – 1.5hrs Review your plans with an Industry Expert to help you resolve a problem, brainstorm new ideas or get a fresh perspective.
    • The Barista Academy Virtual Tutor – A Complete Video Textbook for Making Great Coffee


    Get the entire Blueprint to starting and running your very own Cafe or Coffee Shop. Become an overnight success, learn the essentials and nail your first 2 years in business.

  • Barista Academy Virtual Tutor

  • $195.
  • A Complete Video Textbook for Making Great Coffee


    The entire Barista Academy Pro Barista Course at your fingertips

    6 Theory Units, 30 Lessons

    35 Short Video Technique Tutorials


    Perfect for Staff Training or refreshing your techniques