Coffee Roaster Training

Take control of the profit margins in your cafe!

coffee bean bags
Nic with his Barista students
weighing green coffee beans
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Giesen coffee roasting machine
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coffee roasting fundamentals
coffee bean bags

Learn the art of roasting and supplying your own coffee for your own cafe. 

You learn on a commercial 10kg shop sized coffee roaster

100% Hands-on

This entry level course is ideal for:

  • Cafe Owners who want to know more about roasting their own coffee
  • Future Cafe Owners who plan to open a cafe
  • Coffee Professionals who are keen improve their employment opportunities by adding a new string to their bow
  • Home Enthusiasts who want to learn even more about coffee

Course content:

  • Roasting equipment use and maintenance
  • Green bean buying and selection
  • Sensory analysis and pallette development exercises
  • Cupping coffee so you can select and purchase green coffee in the future
  • Roast profiling; using software to track and measure your roasting
  • Roast development; understanding roast events, RoR, development, airflow and gas controls
  • Post roast cupping ( so you can assess your results)
  • Roast analysis; learn about, create and roast filter and espresso roast profiles
  • Roasting procedures for production – roaster machine selection & capacities for business use.
  • Plus anything and everything that comes up when your in the middle of a hands-on class learning something new.

Our hands-on course is run as private 1×1 training. You  have the tutor and roaster all to yourself ( no sharing) and we feel this gives you the best start in the industry.  The session can be tailored to your requirements and any special requests.

Green coffee will be provided and students will have the opportunity to roast beans from 3 different origins.

As a foundations course you will be amongst other beginners and in a place where it is safe to make mistakes, feel nervous and have fun learning a new craft. (learning is a messy and invigorating process)

The course is 95% hands on and you will be roasting 12-18kg of coffee from 3 origins, plus you take your roasted beans home with you at the end for drinking and sharing.

Students with any previous roasting experience will learn from an experienced Roaster, they will be able to discuss and test new ideas.


We run this Full Day course every week. 

When emailing to book let us know your ideal date so we can book The Roastery for you.


$975 per person

Fee includes lunch, handbook and all course materials including green beans.

Allow 6-8hrs for class ( varies according to questions and roast speed)